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ZebPay wasgoed founded te 2014 and its headquarters is located te Singapore, Central Singapore, SG. ZebPay has $1.4M te revenue and 30 employees. ZebPay’s top competitors are 37Coins, Bitcoinbasic and Bitcoinker.

ZebPay Competitive Set



ZebPay’s top Ten competitors are 37Coins, Bitcoinbasic, Bitcoinker, Valorebitcoin, Unocoin, Bitcoincept, Bitcoin Conversion, Coinsecure, Bitcoin Kunst Dollar and RainChief. Together they have raised overheen Three.0M inbetween their estimated 217 employees.

ZebPay Revenue History

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ZebPay Employee History

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ZebPay Leadership

ZebPay Funding History

Since ZebPay wasgoed founded te 2014, it has participated te 1 round of funding. Te total ZebPay has raised $1.0M. ZebPay’s funding round wasgoed on Jan 2016 for a total of $1.0M

ZebPay Investments

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ZebPay Webstek History

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Owler has collected 11 screenshots of ZebPay’s webstek since Oct 2014. The latest ZebPay webstek vormgeving screenshot wasgoed captured te Sep 2018.

ZebPay Social Statistics

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ZebPay presently has 253,400 followers on Twitter. Spil of February 2015 ZebPay had 186,974 followers. That’s a 35 procent increase te Trio years. ZebPay presently has Four,893 ventilatoren on Facebook. Spil of February 2015 ZebPay had 95 ventilatoren. That’s a 5050 procent increase ter Two years.

ZebPay Headquarters

Ten Anson Road Suite 18-17, International Plaza

Singapore , Central Singapore 079903

ZebPay Company Profile

Zebpay is a mobile bitcoin wallet that permits its users to buy and sell bitcoins to store and also use bitcoins to buy e-commerce webpagina vouchers. ZebPay wasgoed founded te 2014. ZebPay’s headquarters is located ter Singapore, Central Singapore, SG 079903. It has raised 1.0M te 1 round. The latest round wasgoed ter Jan 2016. ZebPay’s Co-Founder &, CEO, Saurabh Agrawal, presently has an approval rating of 58%. ZebPay has an estimated 30 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 1.4M.

ZebPay ‘s Co-Founder &, CEO , Saurabh Agrawal , presently has an approval rating of 58 %. ZebPay ‘s primary competitors are 37Coins Bitcoinbasic Bitcoinker .

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