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Bitcoin Metselspecie — 100 stories, 100 opinions, 100 professional and cons

What is this coin ? A worthless forked Bitcoin ? Or maybe it is the “real” Bitcoin ? Or just an altcoin which is going to diegene ? Who knows, but….

…..on the one forearm Bitcoin Contant is controversial since the very first day it wasgoed mentioned leading to a big argue inbetween the two camps until now, on the other forearm it has some different technical aspects. This is what the most people know about Bitcoin Specie, this is, lets say te the “light” at the uur.

But ter the shadow of Bitcoin Contant something is going on that i want to share with you and i think the time is now to take a closer look at Bitcoin Contant.

This is a attempt to look behind the scenes and make a NEUTRAL prediction for the future of Bitcoin Metselspecie based on crypto history and charts.

I belong to the people that believe 1 picture is telling more then 1000 words, i hope you love the review and leave a comment !

The Crypto History — a foreword

When wij look at the crypto history wij could all learn 1 essential thing:

“ A top has always a bottom and a bottom has always a top”

Keep this ter mind while reading the following analyze.

1) Bitcoin Contant — current Chart

What u can see here is the current chart of Bitcoin Specie, from the releasing date until now. Also there are some analyzing instruments ON:

The RSI is a implement to see if it is worth to invest te an certain coin at a certain time, it is displaying if a coin is overheen — or undersold.

On the ADX chart u can see the Volume (black), the buy (green) and sell (crimson)

Vol Roc — is showcasing the Volume rate of Switch

Williams %R, sometimes referred to spil the Williams Procent Range, is a momentum indicator that measures overbought and oversold levels, comparable to a stochastic oscillator. The Williams %R is used to establish entry and uitgang points te the market.

Two) Crypto History

You just spotted some random charts of some of the Top Ten coins. While watching this charts did u notice anything ? I noticed this:

And now examine please this charts:

Abandon interesting what u just spotted, right ? So wij noticed:

  • when the Coin goes up (blue) it will also come down (crimson) and the other way
  • seems its always the same with the Breaktrough and Support line
  • some charts looking abandon simillar

All ter all there is something like a “sheme” the coins are following:

  1. Kicking off Pump and forming 1 major Breaktrough line (on the high) and forming 1 major Support line (the bottom the pump starts)
  2. Dump until or a bit above Support line
  3. Testing Breaktrough line

->, IF gets through it, fat pump incoming

->, IF fails, dump and attempting soon again

This sheme u will notice ter many other coins, feel free to check it. I explained it here indeed brief, there is much more to say. Support and Breakthrough lines moving with the time and u need to split them to 2nd 3rd layers and so on.

This is also the way the Twitter Gurus and so on are able to predict future price movements, u can scale this to days , months, hours and so on.

Three) Theory

So i guess if you are still reading this, you admit this looks clear to you or sounds interesting. Maybe you should take a brake and see the charts again to build you an own opinion.

I suggest you to do this, because there is something interesting for sure 🙂

Lets look again at this charts:

Lets look closer at this part:

Now lets look at this:

and the last one:

Interesting right ? Found any Mistake ?

Verrassing, verrassing, who wij got here. Now check the chart above again. Do you think this could be legit ?

Well i think so and now i will demonstrate you why

Four) Why i will make 1 mil. $ with Bitcoin Specie

Now i will demonstrate you WHY Bitcoin Metselspecie is going for a large rally ter the Future. Note, this is only my private opinion and no financial advise:

At the beginning i displayed you this chart but what does it tells mij:

RSI: Bottom reached, good time to buy.

ADX: Trend switch incoming, green and crimson line will cross soon, Volume getting better.

VOL ROC: Accumulation phase since mid September.

Bollinger Bands displaying possible Trend switch incoming.

This and the facts above ter Crypto History lead mij to this expection:

On the very first big pump form Bitcoin Specie wij spotted a meaty increase from

1000$. This formed the main Support and Breaktroughline.

After that Bitcoin Specie went down like expected and formed the 1 Breaktrough line

500$ end of August. It stayed there a bit to build up attraction. It wasgoed a phase where the question wasgoed, will BCH sustain the dumping from all the free BCH holders and go to test the Breaktrough line again or not. When it wasgoed clear it will fail, 500$ wasgoed crossed and the BCH volgers let it go down and im 100% sure some clever ones were the entire time accumulating BCH the way down to the main Support line.

This embarked ter the end of October, check the ADX, u will see selling getting above Volume and buying going down. Te the same time you see the VOL ROC with mighty spins, displaying this is not a hot stone falling from the skies, No, its going leisurely down because some accumulating.

Wij reached now the Main Support line and yes what wij witnessed te the last days, this pump to 450$, well this wasgoed nothing surprising, it wasgoed clear something will toebijten soon, support line wasgoed kasstuk ! I personally think the real BCH rally will begin after the BTC fork ter November. Because then there are no more events fat money amounts will go to BTC. Im sure im not the only one who can make some lines and analyze what the future is for BCH. The real volgers got theire bags almost utter and now the 2nd buyers incoming like mij who get it too late whats going on.

I expect a very first price increase and some pump and dumps after the fork on 25th. The real price increase after the November BTC Fork heating BCH to test the main Breaktrough line. And this will be already a x3 te gains from now on.

Godheid save us all when BCH cracks the 1000$ mark (main Breaktrough line), you already know what happened te the History of other coins 🙂

Maybe im totally wrong with this high expectations for BCH, but 1 thing i believe, BCH will go up, soon or straks this will toebijten 🙂

I hope you liked this review, got a petite smile on your face and leave behind for one ogenblik which is the better coin ,)

and if u liked it, a donation ter BCH is of course appreciated 🙂

feel free to go after:

EDIT: Bitcoin Specie Fork set for 13th November !

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