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Ter Kenya, the Central Canap has issued a warning against investment te cryptocurrency. This warning comes with the growing popularity of cryptocurrency te Kenya. Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana are the main Bitcoin economies ter Africa. The concern is that the bubble might bust leading to tremendous losses. Some experts and rechtstreeks investors, however, disagree with this warning describing cryptocurrency spil the future.

Cryptocurrency Meaning

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is big across the world. The mere mention of Bitcoin or Etherium leads to a big debate on the credibility of cryptocurrency. The debate originates from the fact that cryptocurrencies operate independently from the Central Canap and are regulated by encryption mechanisms. This means that the Central Handelsbank does not kwestie thesis coins. The question most people ask is “how then, do people accumulate cryptocurrency?”

Cryptocurrency Mining

The most popular process of earning cryptocurrency is known spil mining. This process involves ‘miners’ verifying transactions of the particular cryptocurrency ter a blockchain. Ter other cases, ‘miners’ create fresh blocks which contain a bundle of transactions. The process, however, is not plain due to the raunchy mathematical problems that miners solve spil “proof of work.”

Eugene Mutai is a popular Kenyan cryptocurrency miner. Mutai describes internet-based currencies spil revolutionary spil they open up a financial/economic world to more than just financial experts. Mutai is a self-taught tech experienced who witnessed the potential of cryptocurrency when most people te the country had no idea what it means. He determined went from doing farm jobs at the village to become a part of one of the most revolutionary concepts te this age.

Instead of mining the most popular coin, Bitcoin, Mutai opted for Ethereum which wasgoed less difficult to mine. This wasgoed back te 2016. Today, Mutai says that it wasgoed a risk worth taking and that one vereiste always remain aware of the risks of the online world. Just like there are authentic miners, there are hucksters who would do anything to get thesis cryptocurrencies.

Also, mining cryptocurrencies require some investment. The most necessary is a powerful rekentuig that will ensure you make the most transactions at ease. The laptop does most of the work and determines the Hashrate (how swift you can verify transactions) of a miner. While powerful computers are reliable, they require enormous amounts of electro-therapy. For Mutai, violet wand costs are about 20% of his earnings. There is also the disadvantage of an unreliable power supply especially ter Kenya and other developing nations. This disadvantage slows down the process and, ter turn, affects the income.

On average, Mutai makes about $800 vanaf month, an amount he would never have made if he did not take the risk of investing ter cryptocurrency. Spil a self-taught tech pro, Mutai constructed his powerful laptop that he uses ter his apartment te Nairobi. The journey into tech ready Mutai for the cryptocurrency world that would require determination to learn without professional help.

Other aspiring miners and investors are ter luck thanks to the establishment of BitHub. Another tech entrepreneur, John Karanja, founded the toneelpodium spil a huis for those involved ter cryptocurrency. BitHub concentrates on helping youthful people get involved ter internet-based currencies. The verhoging offers everything from training to education on how to navigate the cryptocurrency toneel.

The Cryptocurrency Mining Proces

Despite the different available platforms, most people still do not understand the way mining works. Here is a step-by-step guide on cryptocurrency mining ter Kenya.

Conduct Research. This step is basic for any investment you wish to make. Ter this case, research about the profitability of the cryptocurrency based on the miner you wish to buy. Also, research on the best hardware based on vertoning review. This hardware is known spil a mining equipment.

Get a cryptocurrency wallet. Internet-based currencies vereiste be stored ter a place that makes it effortless for you to trade and use. A wallet usually comes with a public cryptocurrency address and a private key which is a password to your wallet.

Find a mining pool. A mining pool is a group of other cryptocurrency miners that combine their computing power to increase the number of coins they get. This step is optional. Some miners are successful, yet they do it alone. However, it is advisable for beginners spil it increases the chances of profitability. Make sure you understand how the mining pool works before becoming a part of it.

Get mining software. The right software will depend on the mining equipment that you acquired te the beginning. This step will not be necessary if the mining pool you joined has their mining software.

Commence mining. Now that you have all the necessities ter place, you are good to go. Buttplug te your miner and let the laptop do most of the work

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency trading is a common practice that occurs only on limited platforms. Thesis platforms permit people to trade te their cryptocurrencies for metselspecie and vise versa. To trade, you need a cryptocurrency wallet and a cryptocurrency exchange. A cryptocurrency wallet is a place where you store encrypted passwords which represent the currency you have. A cryptocurrency exchange, on the other arm, is a trading toneelpodium that permits one to trade their coins for other cryptocurrencies or traditional currencies (e.g., the U.D Dollar).

You vereiste also conduct research on the best cryptocurrency trading platforms before venturing spil a trader. Understanding the risks is also significant. Therefore, ensure that you go after the cryptocurrency market closely to avoid making the wrong moves. Monitor the fluctuations ter value to know when to buy and when to sell.


The best way to accumulate cryptocurrency depends on the patience and finances of an individual. Those who have enough money often opt to buy cryptocurrency rather than mine. Some miners also buy the technology while others like Mutai create their own. The story of Mutai shows that anyone can venture into cryptocurrency. All one needs is enough skill to manoeuvre the sector. Skill of technology is an added advantage.

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