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When wij’ve made our previous guide for dual mining BTC and LTC on a Gridseed 5-chip GC3355 ASIC wij’ve only had an earlier revision of the miner that used CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller. Now that wij already have a newer revision with the STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port wij have determined to update the guide with information on how to Dualmine on thesis ASIC devices. Note that wij do not recommend using thesis devices for dual mining mode, but for Scrypt only mode instead, but you are free to determine for yourself. The advantages of using Scrypt only mode are the low power consumption and fever, the capability to overclock higher, including with a voltage modification and a choice of numerous more up to date software miners. Note that the only way for the ogenblik to use the Dual Mining mode on the Gridseed 5-chip GC3355 ASIC devices is to use the special version of cgminer Trio.8.Five for BTC mining (SHA-256) along with the special modified version of cpuminer for Gridseed for LTC mining. Due to the way that the Dual Mining mode is realized on thesis ASICs using a more latest version of cgminer or bfgminer for LTC (Scrypt) mining on thesis devices along with the cgminer for BTC mining is not possible at the ogenblik.

– Open up Windows Device Manager and go to the Ports (COM & LPT) and note the COM port that is written behind the STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port driver

– Download and run the latest version of Zadig

– From the Zadig interface select Options and choose List All Devices

– From the Dropdown list of devices select STM32 Virtual COM Port and click on Substitute Driver with the WinUSB driver selected

– Download the dualmining package that wij have ready for windows that contains cgminer Trio.8.Five for BTC mining and cpuminer for LTC mining

– Edit the BAT files for the two software miners included ter the archive with your settings for BTC and LTC mining pools

– Te the LTC-START.bat opstopping you will see an option “gc3355=\\.\COM4”, here you need to switch the COM port number to the one you have seen ter the device manager before updating the driver with Zadig to use WinUSB

– Very first you need to commence cgminer Trio.8.Five for BTC mining, wait a few seconds until the software starts up and connects to the pool and starts working

– Then commence the cpuminer for LTC mining, note that you will need to wait for some more time here before the miner connects and starts working, but it it takes more than a minute maybe something is not right

If you still toevluchthaven’t used cpuminer for Gridseed you should know that the software does not report local hashrate, so the zeroes you see are normal, it is actually working and sending shares. Also note that when ter Dual Mining mode you will not be able to overclock the device spil high spil when only ter Scrypt mining mode, so it is normal to be getting lower hasrate. Spil wij’ve already said, wij do not recommend the Dual Mining mode and suggest to use thesis ASIC devices for Scrypt mining mode only, especially if you want to run numerous devices.

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