Chinese Bitcoin Miners Sell Used Mining Equipments on 2nd Palm Markets

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Chinese Bitcoin Miners Sell Used Mining Equipments on 2nd Mitt Markets

A growing number of Bitcoin miners are caning their mining equipments on the second-hand trading toneelpodium Xianyu of Alibaba Groups after China’s ruling on ICOs and exchanges.

A Wuhan-based miner undersells 50 lumps of Colorful H81a-BTC motherboards .

“These boards were manufactured this June. I only used it for two months. They still work. 180 rmb and they are yours. ”

When searched for words like “miners” or “ant” or “BTC”, I found that Colorful is the most common miner brand available on second-hand markets, followed by Antminer . And owners are selling them at ridiculously low price. On the webstek of , the price of a 2nd forearm Antminer goes from 2300 rmb to 13000 rmb.

Why miners are selling their machines at such a low price when Bitcoin price rallies hard?

A Bitcoin miner explains to mij that:

“Seriously, I don’t care about bitcoin price anymore. There are too many regulation uncertainties. You know the government always adopts an interventionist treatment ter its economy. What if the authority one day abruptly announces that it’s illegal to hold coins? Now I just want to sell out all of my miners and ASICs. No more roller coasters ter my life.”

But is it indeed a good bargain to buy thesis 2nd mitt GPUs and miners?

Mr. Fu who has bot selling laptop software and hardware at a digital mall ter Hangzhou for overheen ten years notes that:

“Many customers buy 2nd arm GPUs at a low price. But after one or two months, GPUs are beginning to have this or that problem. And customers would come to mij to fix them and complain how expensive repairs are.”

Fu further warns that if the cap of a screw te the card becomes larger or loser, it indicates that the GPU had bot repaired many times. But customers are not able to notice it when they purchase online.

Spil to the trend of the GPUs market, Fu said that he plans to stock a large number of GPUs and ASICs ter beliefs that price will keep going up. But what if the government will kerkban mining and cause price crash on mining equipment?

Tho’ Caixin reported last Sunday that the mysterious “close-to regulator” exposed that no plans are made to geobsedeerd bitcoin mining, Chinese miners are worried that regulations about banning mining farms might be imposed during the Nineteen th NP C. And an insider exposed that Bitmain is transferring their mining services into overseas market spil a way to react to regulation uncertainties.

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